Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Seoul Food for You: North Korea vs. the US

Kim Jong Il

North Korean Ambassador:  Look at our leader, Kim Jong Il .

American Ambassador:  Very good.  And who's in the other picture?
Kim Il Sung

North Korean Ambassador:  That his father, Kim Il Sung.

American Ambassador: Who?

North Korean Ambassador: Kim Il Sung.   

American Ambassador:  Son?

North Korean Ambassador: Yes, Sung.

American Ambassador:  So the first one is Kim John, and the 

other is Kim John's son?

North Korean Ambassador:  No, Kim Jong Il son Kim Jong Un.

American Ambassador:  His ill son?

Kim Jong Un at left front, Kim Jong Il at right front
North Korean Ambassador:  No, not Kim Il Sung.  Kim Jong Il.

American Ambassador:  Why doesn't his son take Kim John to the hospital?

North Korean Ambassador:  He not sick!

American Ambassador:  You just said he was ill.

North Korean Ambassador:  They both Il!.

American Ambassador:  So is the son ill?

North Korean Ambassador:   No, he Il Sung.

American Ambassador:  What about Kim John?

North Korean Ambassador:  Kim Jong Il?

American Ambassador:  Have they seen a doctor?

North Korean Ambassador:  Why doctor?  Sung dead.  No one sick.

American Ambassador:  But you said they were ill!

North Korean Ambassador: No, they fine, both  Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un well.

American Ambassador:  This is making me ill.

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