Thursday, November 11, 2010

Superman and Robin

Historians have long argued over the story of Superman and Robin. Robin Hood of course is based on the

famous play by William Shakespeare, although some have suggested that this play was actually based on the

story of Robin of Malta, who is perhaps most well-known for reputedly bringing the famous hawk statue

from Jerusalem to Britain during the time of the Crusades, as celebrated in the book and movie

 'The Maltese Falcon'  which of course starred Dashiell Hammett playing the part of Humphrey Bogart and

Peter Lorre as Robin.  

But in the times at the end of the Crusades, Superman was well matched by the

sinister Sheriff of Nottingham, and it was all he could do to fight the Sheriff and his evil ally, Prince John.  It

was only with the aid of the redoubtable Robin Hood that he was able to maintain the battle against crime.

The TV version of Robin Hood was most famously played by Richard Greene, well-known actor & brother

of  Lorne Greene of "Gunsmoke'.

It is to their credit that a park at Sherwood Forest is open to the public today.

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