Thursday, November 11, 2010

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria reigned over a vast territory. As Queen of England, Scotland, and Iceland, she

ruled from Poland on the Adriatic to Australia in the South China Sea. During her life the

British Empire changed the face of progress as her scientists invented such things as coal and

iron, and her industrialists introduced international trade. The Post Office was charged with

the daunting responsibility of delivering the mail to Empire colonies in the far corners of the

globe. To do this they introduced British Celsius Time to cope with the longer days of the

summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the shorter days of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Under this system, during the summer the populace of the U.K. starts work an hour early so that

all the goods and services will arrive on time at the British colonies of Australia, New

Zealand, Switzerland, and the Falkland Islands.

Argentina has always claimed the Falkland Time Zone to be their own, and in 1982 even invaded to

bring the islands in line with Buenos Aires time. They lost to a force from England operating

under the military version of Celsius Time called British Calculus Time. With the Argentine

surrender, General Pinochet was forced to resign.

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